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Raw Vegan New York

Raw is Law in the Urban jungle

New York City's Raw Living Vegan Food Community
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This is a community dedicated to raw-living vegan foods, restaurants and events in the New York City area and the LJ users who are into it who reside in that area. The community is open to those who are raw-foodists, semi-raw, vegan, vegetarian, or show any interests in the lifestyle.

Important Rules
  • If there are any pictures of recipies or any lengthy entries, please keep them in a LJ Cut
  • This journal is pretty much open to anyone, though trolls, spammers and anyone who wants to start berating or insulting other members or the raw lifestyle will be eliminated and barred from posting here.
  • Recipies, reviews, topic on raw/living food veganism is accepted, just try to keep it in the context of raw veganism and New York City.
  • Once accepted into the community, please state your name, location, how you've heard of this community, and your favorite raw vegan meals, authors, restaurants, etc...

    This site is maintained by comrade_m. Here are some favorite URLs on raw/living foods:

    Quintessence Restaurant
    Bonobo's Restaurant

    Live Live
    David Wolfe's official site
    Shazzie's official website